is easy to use with results that speak for

What can I use Pep*Up for?

Pep*Up revives smooth, natural and nubuck leather in all colours as well as Gore-Tex and Sympatex materials.

Pep*Up cleans, nourishes, activates and protects against water and salt.

Pep*Up reduces dust adhesion, treats the leather and lets it breathe without sealing.

Pep*Up can even be used as a natural foot and hand cream.

Pep*Up can be used on leather clothing, furniture, leisure and household items.

Pep*Up can be used on all natural woods, teak and antique furniture.

Pep*Up revives and protects plastic and seals both terracotta and marble.

Pep*Up can be used sparingly whilst being colourless, odourless and has an almost unlimited shelf life.

Pep*Up Leather Care, Wood Care and Winter Wax

Pep*Up Deodorant Spray

Pep*Up Impregnator

Pep*Up Velours Treatment

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