What can I use Pep*Up for?

invigorates smooth-, natural-, nubuk- and saddle-leather of all colours, as well as "Gore Tex" and "Sympatex" materials.

Pep*Up cleans, nourishes and activates; it protects against water and salt, as well.

Pep*Up waterproofs, but keeps the leather breathing; it doesn't close the pores and reduces dust adhesion.

Pep*Up is also suitable to be used as a hand- and foot-balm.

Pep*Up can be used for leather clothing, furniture, recreational purposes and in the household.

Pep*Up can be applied on all types of natural wood, teak- and antique furniture.

Pep*Up revitalises and protects synthetic materials and seals terracotta tiles as well as marble.

Pep*Up is economical to use, uncoloured, odourless and has an almost unlimited shelf life.